Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blooming Gorgeous!!

Everybody loves a baby bum!! All 4 bubba's in my household have had their fair share of pinching. Who could have thought that you could ever improve on such a thing .... Enter Deb from The Pixie Pot. The ever so talented Miss Deb has created some truly stunning bloomers for our baby bums!! Bloomers with names such as: Carnival; Rose Maree & Tutti Frutti. An array of beautifully coloured & co-ordibated fabrics are pure eye candy and there is something to satisfy every Mum.

I couldn't resist showing you just how adorable little bums look in these bloomers. I can't wait to get my hands on a pair for this winter for my little darling. Teamed with funky leggings and a denim mini skirt... how cute will she be with her colourful little bum sticking out!! I have to tell you what the 2 sets below are called. The one on the left is the Bloomkini and the set on the right is the Pinky Pink Pink. Even the names of the items are adorable!! You can contact Deb from the Pixie Pot through her Facebook fan page The Pixie Pot Fan Page or at her etsy store The Pixie Pot Etsy Store. Oh, and the little boys are not forgotten with Deb's other brand Red TeePee for Boys also available.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Colour is Beautiful

How awesome is this wall display!! I love it and am seriously thinking that it would suit my studio just fine!! It is in actual fact made up of 500 coloured pencils. Pencils with such fanciful & delicious names such as: Mermaid's Gown, Handsome Harry, Indian Slipper, Plum Crazy, Drizzly Afternoon, Little Red Wagon & Autumn Calm. Social Designer will send you 25 pencils for 20 months to slowly build your collection (or if you are like me and can't wait ..... you can just buy the whole lot at once)

I personally would love to colour in with a pencil called "Frog Pond" or "Tea with Milk", but I think I would spend my time reading all the names instead. As they say over at the Social Designer website "Each pencil is its own story. A unique hue with an inventive name to inspire the far corners of your creativity". What else is there to say.........

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A bed fit for a Princess.

I love to potter around the web from one place to another...... following link after link each time something different takes my fancy. One such jaunt led me to Posh Tots. A store full of delicate, delightful and decadent treasures. Page after page I just kept wanting to see more and more, then I found the La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined such an enchanting bed for my little Princess to lay her pretty little head. Bedtime stories would definitely come to life when you were lying in Cinderella's carriage made from cherry wood, white oak and draped in 100% luxurious silk. Aaah, what heaven!! Sleep, my little one, sleep ...zzzzzz

The lovely ladies from Posh Tots have sourced some of the most gorgeous children's decor items I've ever seen. Their website is absolutely delicious and brimming with inspiring ideas. As for the La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach, I'll have to leave that one for the likes of Suri Cruise.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Toni's Got Style!

The beautiful Toni at Fairy Dust has graciously let me showcase some of her products. Fairy Dust is the home of the most gorgeous & stylish stationery on the web. They carry an extensive range of personalised products ranging from Invitations for all Occasions & Thank You's to Party Supplies & Wall Art to Labels & Bag Tags. With all the luscious colour combinations and eye-catching designs, I couldn't decide which ones where my favorites, so I have decided to share a few with you.

Who doesn't love a cute elephant?? The fresh colours used in "Sweet Chick Blue" and "Elefun" really evoke a sense freshness - which is just what a new baby brings. Use them for a baby shower and follow up with a matching birth announcement......what a great idea! Notice how the baby shower invite has no picture and the birth announcement or party invite has a place set aside for a photo of your precious new bundle.

Having 3 boys, I couldn't go past the masculinity of "Baby's Wheels" (just don't tell my 10 year old that it's called Baby's Wheels). What young boy or his father wouldn't like this design. I love the fact that you can get a bag tag for the school bag with matching labels for the books - makes it easy for them to find their stuff amongst everyone else's.

I think that this would be one of my favorites, "Little Miss Oriental". I just love the cute little girls, especially the one with chopsticks in her hair. Imagine the theme that you could get happening with this....cushions on the floor, girls in wraps, sushi on pink platters and fortune cookies in the goodie box ! So far I'm only thinking about a party for me, I haven't started on ideas for a kids!! You'll find this design in "Events" under the section labelled "Tween Stationery".

Darling Toni from Fairy Dust used this precious design, "My Little Babooshka", as a birth card for my baby girl when she was born. Five months later it is STILL on the fridge and STILL getting comments. I will probably use it for Josie's 1st birthday along with the sweet lolly bag. Check out the wall print with all the babooshka's on it - the last circle contains all the details of your child's birth with her name underneath.

How cute is this for a little boy!! Long before they are into the rough and tumble stuff, take some time to appreciate the delicateness of the baby. With all the matching items, such as the bunting flags, goodie box, wall frame, invitation and thank you's, it will be a party to remember. Toni has put together a blue & bown theme party inspiration page to go with this design, "Chic Baby Boy". I just love the fact that all of the products from Fairy Dust co-ordinate with each other and the are all able to be personalised. Don't forget to check out the "Party Inspirations" sections for great ideas. Are you feeling inspired after all those luscious pictures?? I know I am..... and now I'm off to starting dreaming of my next party!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Josie's Birth Announcement

Our precious little miss had her first photo shoot with a fantastic photographer - David Evans (it helps to have a professional in the family...Thanks David xxx). The end results are awesome and with a little colour tweaking we acheived some beautiful, soft and relaxed photo's. The "relaxed" part was the hardest to achieve, because most newborns really do not like to be naked...LOL!!